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Mid-Week Encounter!
6:30 p.m.
Friends of Cornerstone Church


Pastor Mikhael Murnane lives in Jerusalem, Israel with his wife, Orit and their six children. Besides his "I Bless Jerusalem" ministry, Mikhael is the founder of Jerusalem Worship Dance Ministries which he started 25 years ago, here in the United States.  This ministry was used mightily by the Lord in the 1990s for the restoration of Davidic praise and worship to God's people.
In 1998, Mikhael returned to Israel with Orit and his family and is now Associate Pastor of Tif'eret Yeshua (The Glory of Yeshua), a large Messianic congregation in Tel Aviv.  Now, after all these years, Pastor Mikhael is re-launched JWD (Jerusalem Worship Dance) here in the United States.  He began with a simple dance workshop here in Wisconsin, which we had here at Cornerstone Church in 2011.
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Message on 6/30/13
An awakening in Israel!
Mikhael returned to Cornerstone and shared several amazing testimonies about how God is miraculously opening the hearts of the Jewish people in Jerusalem and in Israel. These are truly exciting times! God is moving in signs and wonders like in the book of Acts, both among the Jews and Muslims in Israel. Be sure to listen below...
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Mikhael 06-30-13
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